Foundation for improvement.

The Fischer Family Foundation, inspired by the dedication and vision of its founder Mike Fischer, collaborates with longstanding partners to implement innovative projects that address social and health inequalities both in the UK and globally.

£10m into education.

Since 1999 the Foundation has given more than £10 million to initiatives to improve UK education and has changed the access of UK schools and policymakers to good data via the creation of FFT Education, the schools’ data service, and FFT Education Datalab.

In 2019 the Apex project began, tackling avoidable early literacy failure in schools.

Scientific research.

The Foundation core-funds the innovative medical science research unit Systems Biology Laboratory, as well as a variety of other important research projects that have the potential to change lives.

Key Information.

Details of the Foundation at the Charity Commission website.

Get in touch.

The Foundation welcomes all questions from the public, press and policymakers.

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